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Beyond the Blue Still

Beyond the Blue

The Master graduation short film Beyond the Blue, from the Northern Film School, is now entering the Festival circuit: Cannes and Palm Springs are two of the first destinations where the film will be send to. Beyond the Blue is a story about the unbreakable bond between Ann and Henry, two people whose life have changed forever. The […]

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1987. She graduated in Communication Media and directed her first short film in 2009 in Prague.

Someone told her once that cities are books read with the feet, so she decided to read as much as possible. She feels lucky to have had the opportunity to study and direct projects around the world: New Mexico, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Madrid, Leeds and Ethiopia, where she lived closely with an NGO filming a documentary feature in the hottest place on Earth, the Afar region.

She has created content in different genres of fiction, shot an experimental feature film with an independent cinema collective, music videos with Spanish dancers, together with documentaries that aim to promote social change among other topics.

A tireless traveller, curious about other forms of storytelling from design to photography, film-noir addict and compulsive melomaniac [whose life would be miserable without music]; she graduated with Distinction in a Master in Filmmaking at Leeds Beckett University, in UK. She continues to focus her career in finding engaging stories to tell through images, moving or still.

Elena de Sala

Elena de Sala

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