Beyond the Blue Still

Beyond the Blue

The Master graduation short film Beyond the Blue, from the Northern Film School, is now entering the Festival circuit: Cannes and Palm Springs are two of the first destinations where the film will be send to.

Beyond the Blue is a story about the unbreakable bond between Ann and Henry, two people whose life have changed forever. The film opens with Henry, a kid that is lost in a crowded fair. As the story unfolds it reflects on the importance of childhood and the journey that these characters encounter in their lives.

This short film counts with the performances of George Kent, Lisa Emma Druet, and Tony Goodall as the lead cast. It was entirely shot in the city of Leeds in December 2014, having as the first location the German Market, in Millenium Square.

The past 14th of March a private screening for cast and crew took place at the Everyman Cinema, in Leeds.

Private screening at Everyman Cinema




Produced by Syed Ayub & Laura Torenbeek

Written & Directed by Elena de Sala

Cinematography by Juan Sebastian Diaz Santaella

Production Design by Neith Sentis

Edited by Lia Hayes

Sound Design by Elvio Carini

Music by Milo Coello


Full technical Specs


Running Time: 15:00

Aspect Ratio: Scope 2.39

Output Format: 2k

Shot: 4k

Sound Format : Stereo

Language: English

Release: 2015

Country: United Kingdom


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